Unexplained mystery, Mantle grGetFormatInfo delays while debugging in Windows 7 and 10

Discussion created by tim.reago on Aug 16, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by pinform

I did another whole round of OS re-installs to verify, and was able to confirm, that on both Windows 7 (Catalyst 14.??) and Windows 10 (Catalyst 15.7.1), inside of the debugger, grGetFormatInfo GR_INFO_FORMAT_PROPERTIES has a huge time delay.  Enumerating all of the formats takes like 10 minutes, whereas outside of the debugger the enumeration takes about a second, more or less.  When I add a test for the presence of the debugger and bypass the call to grGetFormatInfo, the remainder of the code runs as expected.

Tim Reago