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Any Solutions for the Win10 Drivers?!

Question asked by magiccreativity on Aug 16, 2015
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Hi All,


i have a problem with the Windows 10 Driver with my AMD Graphic card, my laptop model is here


and the graphic card is HD 6470M, but while i am trying to install the driver it's give me HD 7400M, why? and not only this. even when the setup finish and it show that it's 100% installed with out any problems

there is actually no driver for AMD or it's not active?! (Capture Attached)


another thing is i can't find the Switch option between the graphic cards as i used to before in the Right-Click menu on the desktop (Capture2 Attached)


please i know there are a lot of threads talking about this issue, but i used them all but nothing seems to be worked for me.


Drivers i tried with the DDU:


- 15.7.1

-14.12 OMEGA

-15.3 BETA


i will try last thing is 15.6 beta as i saw it in one of the threads around here.


waiting your solutions, best regards.