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Black screen with sounds when launch games who use Dx9

Question asked by markak on Aug 16, 2015

Hello. I have HP computer with Intel HD and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 switchable graphics managed by AMD Catalyst Center (v15.7.1). And after Win10 clean install, i have 4 games, but 3 of them have problems:

  • Supreme Commander Forged Alliance on High performance (ATI card), i see only black screen and hearing intro and menu sounds. But with "Power saving" mode (Intel card) all is good (i normaly see intro, menu and etc.)
  • Other game who have problem is Euro Truck Simulator 2. When i try launch him with DirectX ("Steam" on this game let choise launch metod) on ATI card, i also see black screen with sounds. But when i choise launch with OpenGL on ATI card, i see everything normal and can play. And also with Intel card all working good (and DirectX, and OpenGL).
  • And other game is Sid Meier's Civilization V. I always play this game on "DirectX 10 & 11", but after previously games errors i try this game launch on "DirectX 9" and i see intros normal, but when had to be "loading" screen, i also see black screen with sounds, but this time also i can see mouse (white, Windows default) and when loading is complete, that mouse from white changed to game mouse, but still all screen is black with sounds.

But with fourth game Heroes of Newerth all is good on ATI card when in game options selected "DirectX 9".


So what is wrong and how i can fix that? With Win7 and older AMD Catalyst Center version all was good. I think problem is on DirectX 9, but "Heroes of Newerth" it negate.


(Sorry for bad my English)