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No Display After "Starting Windows" screen

Question asked by cjg225 on Aug 16, 2015

I just purchased a Sapphire Dual-X R9 280 from because I believed my old HIS Radeon HD 5780 was no longer working. When I installed the Sapphire card, I was able to boot into Windows. Windows automatically installed drivers and asked me to restart. On restart, I had display all the way up to and including the "Starting Windows" splash screen. With my speakers turned on, I know the Windows login screen appeared. I can type in my password and enter Windows (again, I can hear Windows accept my password and move to the desktop). Furthermore, I can hit the Windows key, hit the Right Arrow, and hit Enter to shut down the computer. Most of the time, I can hit F8 at boot up to enter Safe Mode, which allows me into Windows with display. I can remove the GPU drivers, restart, and generally will be able to get back into Windows where I can reinstall drivers. On restart after reinstalling the drivers, I again lose display after the "Starting Windows" screen, generally. In a few instances, I have been able to reinstall the drivers manually (instead of Windows automatically installing them), restart, and make it past the "Starting Windows" screen with my display. Currently, I am typing this from my computer with full resolution and apparently-working graphics card. However, I fear that, like with the previous 2 times, the next time I restart/turn-on the computer, I will be faced with the same problem, no display after the "Starting Windows" screen.


Reading online, it looks like this is a somewhat widespread problem, but I cannot find anyone who really knows what causes it.  In retrospect, I think my old HIS HD 5780 was not actually broken, as the problem I am having now was happening to it.  The problem with putting my old card back in to test it is that, somehow, the card isn't quite a good fit with my mother board and case, so it has to be wedged in there at a very slight angle.  My new Sapphire card drops in with no problems at all. Has this problem been fixed with the newest AMD card, like the 3XX series?  I wonder if I just unknowingly bought a problematic card.  I'd never heard of this problem before. 


Any help anyone can provide would be extremely appreciated.


Thank you.