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3D does not work on 3D-projector for drivers above 14.12

Question asked by true_cartman on Aug 16, 2015

Hello. I have a 3D Projector SHARP XV-Z17000, which perfectly reproduces the 3D movies and games in 3D. But it is working on the drivers to version 14.12. Starting with 15 drivers, 3D does not work - the projector will show "no signal". If you put the version 14.12 or below, all working again. I put the driver on top of the old version, and just put on a clean system - the result is the same. I use Stereoscopic Player (all versions work fine on older drivers) and iZ3D gaming (on older drivers are OK).

Please help me to solve this problem, I can not reinstall the driver each time to see 3D movie or play a 3D game on the projector