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ASUS R7 360 OC doesn't show directX 12 in GPU-z software?

Question asked by oliver_twist_ot on Aug 16, 2015

Hi there,

I have a problem with R7 360 OC. I really look at the Direct X section of my VGA but I see Direct X 11.2 in there surprisingly. I attached an image to show you that it has direct X 11.2.

I updated the driver of my graphic card and also I upgraded to windows 10 pro from 7 Ultimate.

I am wondering why you are claiming that it has direct X 12 but there is nothing apparently in there as direct X 12 but it has Mantle.

If there is a way that I can change my direct X to 12 please tell me.

I bought this card becuase it said it supported Direct X 12.

I am waiting to hear from you soon.