Discussion created by hardcoregames™ on Aug 16, 2015

I was looking over the i7-6700K, not exactly what I was hoping for from a 14nm processor


measly 4 cores with hyperthreading and the cheaper i5-6600K has that disabled


less L1 and L2 and a bit more L3 over my Phenom II X4 965


my Phenom is overclocked so speeds are almost the same


CPU can only hardly do up to DDR4-2133 which my older DDR3 can do now


while my Phenom is more power hungry, the power savings does not seem to be there either down at 14nm


guess this first kick at the cat will not be finding a job in my box, i do not like spinning my wheels and the i7-6700K does not give me any real traction


CPU has a measly 16 lanes of PCI Express, my 990FX provides a lot more lanes


so anybody who thinks AMD is no good.....