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desktop does not fit screen windows 10

Question asked by loadtheorig on Aug 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by loadtheorig

Was running windows 7 pro, resolution was 1680x1050, video card is HD 7870 w 3 gig, Monitor is a ViewSonic VX2433 1080p running to monitor via HDMI 2.0 cable.  Updated to windows 10, display comes up with all 4 sides over extended by 2 inch's, NO resolution listed in the AMD control OR in windows 10, allow me to, 1. center screen, 2. adjust top to bottom and left side to right side.  THE only resolution I have ben able to use has been the HD 1080p, and to use that I had to under scale the whole desktop by 6 percent. Needless to say, NO GAME comes up with a centered screen, all are extended on all 4 sides. 

Other info, AMD Fatality1 Motherboard, 16 Gig OCZ PC2300, 850 watt PS, Sound is Realtek onboard, Games drive is a Barracuda 2 gig.

Needless to say, this did not happen in windows 7, and finding any help on windows 10 is just about impossible.


Any help is appreciated