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black screen windows 10 amd switchable graphics

Question asked by tweakforce_lg on Aug 16, 2015
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Hello everyone

Im here to seek help with an issue im having on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.

I have a HP Probook 4530s:


4gb 1333mhz ram

500gb HDD

Intel HD 3000 + AMD Radeon 7470m 1GB Gddr5


After the boot animation i get a black screen before logon screen, this only lasted 20 seconds on some older amd drivers, but on the latest 15.7.1, it lasts over a min, too long ofr me to wait . And now with the new driver the screen wont turn on after waking from sleep for a good min as well, witch didnt happen on the older driver. Is this issue known to AMD and will it be fixed say in the next 10 days, because that how long i have left before i will not be able to roll back to windows 7. And 1 good thing about the latest driver is it allows me to OC using msi afterburner, the older drivers would cause it to say 0mhz, and not allow change.

To sum up i am having a black screen glitch on a switchable graphics Probook 4530s.

Any help would be great

Thank you