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Switchable graphic doesnt work Radeon HD 6730M plus Intel HD

Question asked by temberg on Aug 16, 2015

Hello! My laptop is not popular, it is DNS MB50ia1 . Its Intel pentium b950 2.1ghz , 4gb ram , intel hd graphics and Radeon HD 6730M.
I have a problem with my graphic card Radeon HD 6730M. It is totalluy useless! All my games are using Intel HD graphic, while CCC shows that they are using High peromance GPU. No, they actually dont. All benchmarks are showing me that my GPU is Intel HD Graphics. It is really sad. What I did but have not got any result is :

1. Reistall my win 7. Nothing happend

2. I tried to turn off my Intel HD in the Windows Device Manager - system turned on VGAsave , and image on my screen became awful. Btw, after this action CCC Said that I dont have AMD GPU. Ok, just turned back.

3. All the settings in CCC are for High Perfom GPU, everywhere, for every of my games. Btw, I dont have any baterry, and my power perfomance option is high.

4. Tried advice from here, that says to delete intel and ati drivers, reboot, then install intel and ati. Did just exaclty how it was written, but didn't get anything.

I found only way to play GTA V (block settings.xml for read only, then you need to turn in CCC gta for low perfprm gpu, wait for error about blocked settings.xml, then in CCC make gta v for high perform gpu and press ok in the error window) on Radeon HD 6730M, but it doesnt work for another games

Please, help me with this problem, I've been trying to fix this for a mounth already!
Sorry for the mistakes, Im not from English-speaking country.