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MSI R9 390 Everything is Black

Question asked by lyzerk92 on Aug 15, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2015 by lyzerk92

Hello Community ur my last hope :S


I got my brand new System today with the MSI R9 390.
Installed every Driver and everything was ok so the first restart everything is Black while it was black i checked the GPU and the Fans wasnt spinning.
I restartet again and till the Windows Logo the Fans are spinning and after that they just dont Spin and the Screen gets Black.


I testet the Driver from the CD doesnt work the latest version and the version 15.15 i disabled ULPS but nothing is realy working just if i Boot in Safe Mode the GPU Fan is spinning normaly and in Device Manager its shows me that i got a R9 390. After every reinstall of a Driver i let DDU clean everything and testet it on Win 10 and Win 7.

Pleas Help me or i have to send this PC back.