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Low draw distance and texture pop in in all games

Question asked by shayan48 on Aug 15, 2015

So I got a new gpu (r7 250x msi 2gb gddr5) and installed it. The rig ran fine for a day or so. However, now it seems that the draw distance is universally lowered for all games. . I tested it on dayz, The Witcher 3, and batman arkham knight. 3 in Witcher 3 it seems that shadows only 20 feet away can't be seen until you are next to it, same with some NPCs. ( i saw a ship on docks when i came back it disappeared :|) I updated the drivers on my GPU recently as well but I rolled them back to see if that may have been an issue. However the same problem presented as before. Also, if it did not seem obvious, I have never had this happen since I got the new graphics card. I also went back to reset all the settings on the AMD Control Panel and that did nothing.

Something that makes the game unplayable is that in gta v ( i forgot to mention that the problem is more noticeable in this game than the others) i have texture pop ins when i drive fast textures disappears! its 30 days iam working on this but nothing my gpu is the last option cuz it takes 30 days to send a new one

then plz help!



PC Specs:

R7 250X 2GB GDDR5

cpu: intel g2030 3ghz ( don't say its bottlenecking my gpu cuz all of these ran fine on this gpu and the older one ( gt 520)( except witcher 3 i wasn't taking appropriate fps so i changed my gpu)

ram 8gb