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Drastic FPS drop since Windows 10

Question asked by mr.boom on Aug 15, 2015

Hello everyone. Ever since i updated to Windows 10 its been nothing but a heart ache. With Windows 8 i would get 180 frames in BF4 on high settings, but since win 10 it was hard to get 50 frames.

Ive reformatted my Hard Drive updated drivers, and attempted countless fixes.



AMD A8 3.9 quad core Processor

AMD Sapphire Radeon 260x

G Skill 8 Gig Ram Set

1TB Hard Drive


This build never had a problem before the update, and i'm out of options. I love AMD but this is a deal breaker, i reached out to their support and they copy & pasted FPS improvement tips. Which overlooked my actual questions. How do i tell if my video card is scrapped?