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Windows 10 - doesn't recognize my AMD Radeon HD6750M / Graphics card or driver not Active x11 compatible

Question asked by mdd0c on Aug 15, 2015

I have a AMD Raedon HD6750m graphics card in my Samsung laptop. I've been trying to play a game but get the message:


"This game requires a Directx 11 capable graphics card. Your card or driver does not support DirectX 11"


I've tried updating the drivers in Device Manager as well as via the catalyst client (many times) and it says that I have the latest driver. (and it does appear in Device Manager)


I think the problem is that Windows doesn't recognize my AMD graphics card. It isn't listed in the "Display Adapter Properties" menu (windows settings) nor can I switch between graphics cards in the "Configure Switchable Graphics" menu (AMD software). I can only select between these options: High Performance, Power Saving or Based on Power Source. I've run dxdiag and there is only one display tab which lists the specs for my Intel card.


I've tried updating my BIOS and chipset from the Samsung drivers page to no avail, and can't seem to find any option that even resembles graphics card options in BIOS.


Also, I should note that I was having this problem when I reinstalled Windows 7 and now I've upgraded to Windows 10... I experienced the same trouble on both operating systems. I did however have this game up and running before that first Windows 7 re-install, which leads me to believe that I'm missing something.


Any Ideas?