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    Waiting for the Zen :)



      This is my home PC. Used for casual gaming, e-learning (programming & CAD/CAE), home media






      CPUAMD A10-7850K
      CoolerLC-Power Cosmo Cool LC-CC-120
      MotherboardAsus A88XM-PLUS
      MemoryDDR3 4x4GB 1866MHz
      GraphicsPowerColor R7 260X 2GB
      Disc Drive 1Toshiba HDD 500GB
      PSUCooler Master G550M
      CaseCooler Master N200
      Fan ControlNZXT Sentry Mesh
      MonitorBenQ G2222HDL
      MouseA4Tech X7 X-710BK
      KeyboardLogitech Deluxe 250 Desktop
      OSopenSUSE 13.2 & Windows 10 Pro
      TVLG 32LB5610


      Small update from few months ago - R7 260X and additional 8 GB RAM added

        • Re: APU power

          Nice build! i have a similar APU build. (mini ITX)


          AMD A10 7870k / Stock Cooler

          Corsair Pro 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 2400mhz

          MSI A88xi V2 Mini Itx (Built in Wifi/Bluetooth)

          ADATA 120Gb SSD

          WD Blue 1TB HDD

          Cooler Master Elite 110

          Powered by Antec 450w


          I prefer using a 720p monitor so that i can run most of the games.


          It's tiny and packs a lotta power!

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          • Re: APU power

            This is a smart setup. I'm curious to know how much this rig costs, and what kind of framerates you get? Also what kind of temps on that cooler?

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                I play in 1080p and don't measure FPS, except in CS:GO, where it's around 70 FPS with high details. I adjust settings according to game requirements, so that every game I play looks smooth. I played Hitman: Absolution, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, BF3, Sniper Elite 3… without any issues.


                I am quite amazed by the power of this chip, even though I'm not using it's full potential. CPU is set at 4 Ghz, IGP at 960MHz and memory at 2133 MHz. I've tested it with CPU at 4.3 GHz, IGP at 1027 MHz and RAM at 2400 MHz, and it was still working perfectly.


                I'm using Asus AI Suite for monitoring, since I couldn't install AMD Overdrive (apparently it's not working with this motherboard), but I'm not sure how accurate it is. Idle temp is around 35°C, while in load is around 55°C. But I keep all fans at around 800 rpm, to lower the noise.


                Cost of PC (without peripherials and monitor) was around 450€. It might be even cheaper in USA or EU

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              • Re: APU power

                I gotta say, I loved the 7850k when I used it, its a very impressive and capable APU.


                Coincidentally I had the same exact board


                Awesome build!

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