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Something that might help those with HDMI and/or multiple monitor issues in W10

Question asked by dmat86 on Aug 15, 2015

I just noticed something today that may help some of you.


The drivers I downloaded directly from my laptop manufacturer (HP) earlier in the week fixed my HDMI issues. However, today in the Catalyst Control Center, I clicked the option to enable 10-bit pixel format support. In Windows 8.1 I had no issue when turning this option on. When I turned it on today however, my laptop > HDMI > TV connection would no longer work. I had the same issues I had prior to installing the drivers from HP.


I disabled the option and now the HDMI connection works again.


Now that I think back, I think this may have been my issue all along. And this may be the issue some of you are having as well.


Make sure the 10-bit pixel format support is not enabled. You have to restart your computer after disabling it.