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    Counterfeit GPU


      I constantly scam eBay for video cards, and it seems that dirt bags are now flogging fake video cards there. I report them as I see them as there are lots of legit deals there.


      The brand Vamery sells NVIDIA based hardware but the stock drivers do not recognize the card. The description is not consistent with the model.


      EG GTX 760 is 256-bit memory, the Vamery is 128-bit.


      I suspect that jerks are using a modified video VBIOS to make the card appear to be more valuable, the actual card seems to be some older model that is worthless



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          It's good to be reminded that the internet is not a safe place at all.

          It also reminded me of all the "cooked" gpus that are being reselled as we speak...


          Thanks for the heads-up hardcoregames™ .

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              I have posted my warning on many forums


              some have disappeared, makes me wonder if somebody has a fake they are trying to sell off to some unsuspecting person


              I have not noticed many cooked video cards. I bought a HD 6970 that the previous owner upgraded to a better cooler. He said the old fan was loud and he was using the card heavy for bitcoins. The card was never a problem for me, i used it until i got the HD 7870 card which comes with a better cooler.


              my intent is only to provide the caveat of the emptor