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AMD's Streaming Times/Red Team Forum Suggestions

Question asked by duramax08 on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by erin.maiorino

Recently AMD has gotten into the twitch game (which is great!), streaming a variety of stuff while doing giveaways. Im really stoked to see AMD and their partners doing these kind of streams, but the only thing that bum's me out are the times the streams (and giveaways) occur. The stream is always from 2-4PM central standard time. For the folks like me who work during that time, its kind of hard to participate in the streams. Is there any way we can get some different time slots for the streams? Maybe doing some streams in the morning or afternoon would be great for the people who cant attend the 2-4pm streams.


The only way I find out about the streams are being on AMD's email list. Same thing applies for this awesome forum. One day I was reading my AMD email and saw they just started this forum for the Red Team. I've had a great time here seeing other peoples builds along with their questions, but it seems like theres been a slow down for new users signing up. I checked my AMD emails and haven't seen the newsletter talking much about this place. Theres so much potential for this forum, but we need some help getting the word out there. I would love to see the AMD newsletters getting the word out for the Red Team forum, mentioning us every so often .


Anyone else have suggestions?