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    intalling new card


      I've got an older i7 2600k with a x something processor via 2011. I'm getting an x9 270 gpu. Can I install it without removing the old driver for a AMD Radeon 6450, or do I need to uninstall it prior to the new card? I tried a EVGA 760x ti oc but it wouldn't load.

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          If the installed AMD Catalyst components, such as display driver, CCC, AMD HDMI audio driver, etc., are from a package that supports both gpus on the same OS environment, then it shouldn't be an issue really.


          Despite this, i always highly recommend to fully uninstall the old drivers first, along with any leftover folders and registry entries (DDU in safe mode and ccleaner do the job nicely), before uninstalling the old adapter and installing the new adapter. You then install the latest drivers on a clean environment.

          Better safe than sorry.


          I won't comment on the nvidia card...