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Arrange desktops in Catalyst in small increments

Question asked by luizsilveira on Aug 14, 2015

Hi there,

I know arranging desktops is a common topic and I've done what I could in terms of research but I couldn't sort out an answer to my question from amidst all the other general questions.


What I'm looking for is a way to fine tune the desktop arrangement. In Win7 that can be achieved by holding Ctrl key while dragging the screen. That way the screen won't "snap" into the other and thus you can change the alignment them in fine increments.


I can't find the same in Catalyst. The screens keep snapping together, either aligned to the top, to the bottom, or too misaligned. I need something right in between!

Thanks a bunch,Luiz


edit: just in case, using Catalyst 2015.0728.2244.3978 with a Sapphire HD 7770.