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0xEA_IMAGE_atikmdag.sys Blue Screen Windows 10

Question asked by kfmuller on Aug 14, 2015

I get the following three errors in my reliability monitor when my monitor shuts off. I have Win 10, and the latest drivers from AMD

AMD Radeon R9 200 Series - 15.200.1062.1003 / Catalyst 15.7.1

Dell XPS 8700 Special Edition


This only started when the latest drivers downloaded and installed. It happens every time the monitor attempts to power off. The entire system reboots with the following errors:

Windows was not properly shut down

Windows stopped working

Shut down unexpectedly


I've reset my software to factory 8.1 numerous times. Get the system extremely stable. Upgrade to Windows 10, then all of a sudden 15.200.1062.1002 gets installed, and this behavior begins. Then I download the very newest Catalyst software that takes driver up to 15.200.1062.1003, but to no avail.


When the monitor times out and turns off, the whole machine shuts down and reboots with the errors.