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bsod on resume from suspend/sleep on windows 7 with hd6950

Question asked by sona1111 on Aug 13, 2015
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I recently received a HD6950 amd card which I am using in a windows 7 environment. The card works great for the things I need. It runs all graphical intensive applications smoothly and passes FurMark burnin test without any issues. The issue I am having only occurs when trying to use the sleep function of windows 7. The computer will go to sleep correctly, but on resume it will come up with a screen with half login screen and half randomly colored pixels, flash a few times, and then drop to a bluescreen which it still readable but also has a bunch of random colored pixels.


The blue screen gives the error: 'attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed' with the error file listed as 'atikmpag.sys'.


I have seen many other people have this error from general usage but I have been hard pressed to find anyone who has this issue only related to sleep. Because the card works great under load and has never crashed during normal usage, I do not believe it is a hardware issue, but if anyone thinks this is the case I would like to know so that I can try to arrange for a return or exchange. I have downloaded the latest official (15.7.1) drivers for the card. I would appreciate any advice you can give to fix this problem.


(to be clear, this is not a new build, I have used this computer for many years with another graphics card before this upgrade, without this issue)


Thank you for reading.