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Integrated/dedicated card problem

Question asked by dewatch on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2015 by dewatch

I'm running a laptop with Windows 10, Intel HD Graphics 4600 and Radeon HD8970M.

So the problem isn't new at all, but I didn't find any solution for it yet.

Most of my game don't recognize my dedicated AMD card. I tried reinstalling the driver at least 5 times now, removed every amd software from my laptop and reinstalled it, deactivated the Intel graphics, set every game on "high performance" or however that catalyst option is called in English and I'm still facing the problem. Absolutely nothing changed. And (as you can probably guess) I'm kind of tired of playing nearly every game an lowest graphics (ironically one of the few games that work is Crysis 3) and hope for some help in this forum.

Thx to all that help.