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Can't get 3 monitors to work on FirePro W7000 after Windows 10 upgrade

Question asked by mikepepe on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by crasx

Anyone have any idea how to get 3 monitors to work in Windows 10?


The system has a W7000 card, and in 8.1 I had 3 monitors running just fine. After the upgrade to Windows 10 I can't get 3 monitors working. I can get any two of them to work, but a third display will not function.


I've tried various things, the in-box versus the current driver, moving cables around, uninstalling and reinstalling, you pretty much name it.


The three monitors show up in CCC and in device manager, you just can't ever enable more than 2.


If you're in Display Settings and have two monitors running (1 and 2) and then plug in the third, 1 and 2 become 2 and 3, and 1 doesn't show up in Display Settings (it shows up in the pulldown, as in "duplicate displays 1 and 2", but not as a display you can extend the desktop to)


Mirroring the displays doesn't work either as a workaround that I've heard of. Windows Display Settings complains that such settings are invalid and can't be saved.


Any idea what's going on and what broke? It used to work just fine.