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When or will there be an updated driver for AMD Radeon HD 6320 for windows 10 Home

Question asked by tazzman54 on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by kingfish

Having issues with video play in both IE 11 and the new MS Edge. Wasn't an issue before upgrading to Win10 from Win7 a few days ago. I've went to AMD's website and used their driver checker and it says no update available for HD 6320 Graphics. I tried updating to 15.7.1 (current driver is: 15.200.1045.1) driver anyway although it did solve the video issue in IE11 and MS Edge it totally screwed up the graphics in my GuildWars2 game and slowed my computer way down. Anyone have a work around or know if AMD will be updating the driver soon. I'd hate to have to spend $200 or more just so I can enjoy the "free" windows upgrade, but such is life sometimes.