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ASUS F1A75-I Delux Win 10 Upgrade Video Not Playing

Question asked by adydula on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by adydula

This is my fourth Win 10 upgrade install and this is the first one that I am having issues getting videos to play consistently.


The ASUS mini ITX board is a home theater pc, and is used to play videos, all these play ok other NON-AMD graphics systems.


The video on this board is HD 6550D,


I have removed the catalyst drivers and let win 10 update find the 6550D drivers, it finds and installs ok.


If I try to play a movie from one of the many Microsoft streaming video apps, I start to play a movie and it starts but the screen is black or grey, sound is playing but no video...


If I rollback the 6550D AMD driver to the generic Microsoft basic display driver the videos play ok.


Then the win uodates which you cant turn off will update to the 6550D drivers and its broken once again,


There seems to be an issue with the 6550D drivers and win10, I use the hdmi out of this asus board.


I have tried the dvi out on this board as well, same issue.


Is there any fixes or patches that will make the 6550D integrated video chipset on this motherboard work with videos reliably?>