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    Premiere hitting max clock speed with FX 8350?


      Just built my first ever computer for video editing and CGI. As far as CG goes, it's great, but I'm running into problems with the video editing side.


      Whenever I use playback in Premiere Pro, it lags and freezes like crazy regardless of rendering timeline or RAM dedicated to PPro . When monitoring (CPUID)  during playback and found that it froze when it hit maximum clock speed, however the usage only hits around 20% which I guess is what's causing the problem. Can anyone confirm if it's the clock speed that's causing the issue here? I'm a bit surprised seeing as it's not exactly a crappy CPU and even my 2012 MacBook does a better job so I figured I must be doing something wrong :/


      I'm running Windows 7 and have checked that all the power options are at Max Performance, seriously confused...




      AMD FX 8350 Black Ed.

      Gigabyte Windforce GTX 960 4Gb

      Gigabyte UD3 MB

      8Gb RAM

      1TB HDD