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Witcher 3 and Rome 2 both crash with R9 390

Question asked by jamienobes on Aug 13, 2015



I am massively disappointed having bought a decent gaming rig with your R9 390 card. I have the up to date drivers (currently 15.7.1) I'm using windows 7 -64. I have a new intel i5 -4690k@3.50Ghz, 16 GB ram.


I have trawled forums to get these games to work ( I know Rome 2 is generally buggy so I tried the Witcher 3) I can't have more than 10 minutes play before a complete crash to black screen. Audio still plays, but I have to CTRL-ALT-DEL my way out, if I restart the game, within minutes it blue screens my computer.


I have tried turning on and off settings in graphics options, lower resolutions, and still nothing works. This really sucks. It's my first AMD card... massive let down. Please help.