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Switchable graphics AMD + WINDOWS 10 does not work

Question asked by joséhenriquechiummo on Aug 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by marcusr

Good afternoon, as already come since the day 29/07 attempting an answer about the problem with the WINDOWS 10 and the switchable AMD + INTEL that comes installed on the Inspiron 2330, I decided to make this new post.


Many has had the same problem.



As soon as the warning came out saying "we already we could" do UPDATE windows 10, as had been tested the features of this machine, and were compatible, we did UPDATE and began the first problem:



-Internal POWER ERROR (which was already solved with a UPDATE windows10)



Now the problem has been that the video card AMD RADEON HD7650A that comes equipped on all Inspiron 2330, does not work with any DRIVER and CATALYST installed and reinstalled several times.



He simply does not appear to switchable option at all. That is, in this way, we are using the computer WITHOUT the video card, because it is only running in fact only when the switchable option is available, but no.


Would I like a specific answer from you on all these issues involved, as well as:



-The Warning we could do UPDATE for win10, because we were "embedded" in this update



-The HD7650A because the video card does not work at all with no driver at all.



I already I thank everyone's attention, and I hope once again that some support can explain me / guide in this regard.