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The new "Remake" approach on games... i love it !!!

Question asked by backFireX64 on Aug 13, 2015

Following SquareEnix's epic announcement of a revamped and upgraded version of the epic/ all time classic (and personal favorite) JRPG game known as Final Fantasy VII, Capcom decided to bring another great all time classic title to the current gen hardware... Resident Evil 2: Remake

Given how well ported and updated Resident Evil (GameCube version) was for PC, and also looking forward to the RE Zero, i can only hope for a RE2 version that is at least on par with those two.


Now, i know that the game industry is currently given justice mostly by indie game studios (do check out "Celestian Tales: Old North" for a good retro experience), and most AAA titles have very few true innovative ideas in gameplay mechanics, storyline, presentation, aesthetics and AI interaction, but i feel that it is a great time to relive some great nostalgic moments from some of our most beloved game experiences and, at the same time, fill the gap. Maybe the game devs will remember or learn something useful from past successes to produce new game experiences that are not only defined by the rendering capabilities of today's technology, but also from fresh ideas, creative presentation, and most of all, focus on entertaining and reaching out to the user. Either of a particular game genre, or a mix of genres, but not like some modern games (like RE 6) do to just ensure wider audience for cash grabs.


Or maybe it is a camouflaged trend to "milk" the end user. I don't know...

What do each of you think about it ?

Is it something to get us truly excited, or should we save our money and just move on ???