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Unable to switch graphics cards?

Question asked by zigleturn on Aug 13, 2015


So I have a HP Pavilion g4-1006tx which has two video cards, an Intel one and an Radeon one. When I first bought it it had Win7 Home Premium 64-bit. I had all drivers properly installed. I could switch between video cards using the option 'Configure switchable graphics' when I right-clicked on the desktop.

So a few months ago, i decided to upgrade to win8.1. But after upgrading I realized that it was giving me a lot of problems, like whenever I would install any sort of a graphic driver, my system would crash and I'd get blue screens. My graphic cards weren't even being shown in the device manager, so obviously I didn't even think about being able to switch between graphics cards.

So a couple days back, I decided to come back to Win7. I got Win7 ultimate and initially whenever I checked the device manager, it would say "Standard VGA Card" or something similar, I can't remember. After a lot of trouble I got my Intel graphics card to show on there and eventually also the Radeon one, after installing a driver that HP support assistant told me to and another driver that the AMD Autodetect tool told me to. Now whenever I right-click, I only see the AMD Catalyst control option. This is what I see whenever I open the catalyst control center.. View image: Capture

Please tell me what to do, I just wanna start gaming again :/

Win7 Ultimate 64-bit

AMD Radeon HD 7400M series

Thanks in advance.