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Catalyst Control Center crashing on Windows 10

Question asked by on Aug 13, 2015

Windows 10 upgrade from Windows 7 last evening. I have 2  Radeon HD 7800's configured in Crossfire mode. Lost eyefinity support during install. Tried to upgrade to latest drivers (15.7.1). Now, when I try to launch Catalyst Control Center, it flashes up and then goes away...looking at error logs, I get the following stack trace:


0000003009: 2015-08-13 08:26:28:389 Exception: No value exists with that name. Exception Called by: ATI.ACE.CLI.Aspect.OverDrive5.Graphics.Runtime.RT_OverDrive5::DeleteLKGKey processID:12152 threadID:(CCCThreadNew:Runtime142) domainName:(CCC.exe ) assemblyName:(CLI.Combined.Graphics.Aspects2.Runtime, Version=4.5.5687.39085, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null)



I uninstalled completely and then reinstalled the video drivers. Did not help. Anyone have other suggestions? AMD, can you give me a Catalyst Control Center that will launch or tell me how to fix? Ultimately, I need my eyefinity back!