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Windows 10 games crashing with 15.7.1

Question asked by snuber on Aug 13, 2015

While doing clean install of AMD drivers and using the 15.7.1, at Win10, with a AMD r9 200, most of games after 5-10 minutes like GTA V, Dirty Bomb, CS:GO, Witcher 3, tend to crash and go to the desktop, without showing any error. At the event viewer, it points sometimes to atidxx64.dll as the reason of the crashing.

But when running OCCT or benchmarks like Unigine Valley, it just keeps going normal without any problem.

Anyway to fix the crashes, or just need to wait for a new batch of drivers?



i5 4690k @4.5Ghz

16GB G.Skill DDR3 2133MHz

Sapphire r9 280x UEFI 3GB DDR5

BenQ XL2411Z and Asus MS238H, both at 1080p resolution/ 144Hz&60Hz via DVI-D/I