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USB 2.0 ports stopped working after driver update

Question asked by sagasaki on Aug 12, 2015
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I recently used the AMD auto driver update to get my display drivers current. The install went smoothly, but once I restarted all of my rear USB 2.0 ports quit working! The two 3.0 slots I have still work fine, which I currently have my mouse and keyboard connected to, and the two front 2.0 ports work, but the rest of the rear USB 2.0 ports won't work. I know the mouse and keyboard and the ports physically work as I was able to use them both in the MSI ClickBIOS application on startup. I've checked for the Upper and Lower Filters in the registry per some tips but they don't exist. Tried restarting, moving to different ports, and auto-searching for drivers via windows to no avail. Any ideas?