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Lag after update to Catalyst 15.7.1 suite. Radeon HD 6530d

Question asked by bmauss on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2015 by kingfish

I'm running on a 2 year old HP Pavilion P7-1154 running on Windows 7 64-bit (waiting for my upgrade to Windows 10).  It has an AMD A6-3600 Radeon HD 6530D APU 2.1 gHz processor and I have 6GB of ram installed on this guy.  I have consigned to my fate of never being able to play most current generation games on this thing until I go out and build my own PC (a task I am slowly working on), but I am fine with just my mid-range games like TF2 and similar games.  That was until last week.  I was trying to load Ghost Recon Phantoms (a Free-to-play, low power usage game that I was able to run on "High" graphics settings with no problem) and it said that my DirectX was out of date (despite being fine an hour ago).  Before going and running the DirectX client for the game, I decided to humor the prompt and check my graphics driver.  For some reason it had been rolled back to version 8.x.x from back in 2011.  So I went online and found the most recent driver suite, 15.7.1.  After installing the new drivers, the game was able to run, but this time with an EMBARRASSING amount of lag.  I would move the mouse and it would take 1 full second for the game to respond.  Just to move the crosshairs.  I decided maybe I just need to move the graphics settings down a little lower.  After fiddling with it, I discovered that I can't even play it on Very Low without getting some trace of lag.  I experimented with other products and I even experience lag on videos that aren't in HD.  Also, many videos will start with a green screen and I'll only get an audio feed until I click on the Playback progress bar a few times.


Now, I DID make sure that the driver was compatible with my APU, but I don't know why I am experiencing these issues.  I just checked the drivers for the processor itself and it says 6.1.7600 from back in 2006 but when I click Update Driver, it says that this is the most recent driver available (I call bull**** on that).  Any thoughts from you guys?