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Windows10-Updates and the AMD website have different "newest" versions.

Question asked by rvdbogaert on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2015 by pratul09

I recently updated to Windows 10, which cause some problems with my graphic card.


- First the card was called AMD Radeon HD 8870M

- When I looked for new drivers through windows update, there weren't any

- When I looked on the AMD website for new drivers, there was the 15.7.1 pack (not sure about the driver it installs, I believe it was the 15.200.1062.1003 one)

- After updating, my graphic card was called AMD Radeon R9 M200X Series

- Windows however doesnt see the installed driver as the newest driver and automatically updates (in Windows 10 Home, you can nót block any updates)

- After this automatic update, the card is called AMD Radeon HD 8870M again and the driver that's installed is 15.200.1045.0


What's the best thing to do here? My current state of mind is use the windows newest untill windows offers the one that AMD released, as I really have no choice as windows automatically updates over the AMD update. The problem is, since the installation of windows 10 my framerate in for example fifa dropped to 9fps, unplayable. Only when the newest version through the AMD website was installed before Windows update ruined it, I managed to reach a steady 60fps for a while in GTA5, allthough after a while it randomly started dropping to 20 for 4 seconds in every 20 seconds or so.


The Frame-rate problem can of course be caused by so many things, but this driver problem seems to be the final possibility as the problemcauser.


Basically the 2 questions I have:

- When will Windows-Update offer the right version?

- Is there a better solution for my problem?


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