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active window temperture  jumps w7100

Question asked by misi on Aug 12, 2015



our config:


win 7 64 bit


mobo: asus p8z77


intel 3770


16g ram


2x w7100 Firepro


We run a media server program on our computer and we use 6-8 display port outputs simultaneously. As AMD bottlenecked the fan speed at 30%, we fighting with the GPU temperature. We need to keep it under 90c, but at full load it goes up to 95. We put the hole setup into a Thermaltek core x9 case with 8 Noctua industry fans, so our airflow is the best  we could possible achieve.


We use ASUS fan controller and all the fans are 100% all the time.


We run the media server software with full load,  the GPU temp app and ASUS mobo fan controller.


When the media server program window is active the GPU temp goes up to 95c and remains there. We do not touch anything else, just let it run with the videos. As soon as we shift to another already running app (for example the ASUS controller), the temperature drops 7-10c, yet the videos are still running and all outputs are at full load. I have to emphasise that the media server window is still there and up, just not active!


Any suggestions, what causes that drop/peaks?


I am aware of the fact that AMD claims  w7100 under full load with four outputs operates at 98c, bot for us it is not an option for already explained reasons.