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Number of supported endpoints on Bolton-M3 USB3.0 xHCI controller

Question asked by danielabson on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by danielabson

I'm struggling to find this information in the technicals docs - can anybody help out? I need to know how many USB endpoints - not devices, as devices usually have 3 or 4 endpoints each - the xHCI controller on the Bolton FCH can support. The xHCI spec allows for up to 7096 endpoints (that's 255 devices with a maximum of 31 endpoints each) but most manufacturers put in a more practical hard limit. Intel's current desktop line only supports a measly 96, which is even fewer than a USB 2.0/EHCI controller. I'm hoping that AMD have been a bit more generous.


And yes, I know it's unusual to require so many connected USB devices on a desktop/mobile form factor, and no I can't use PCI USB controller boards. I want to know how many device endpoints I can support off the mobo alone. Hope there's somebody out there who can help!