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ATi Radeon HD 5570 (FPS Drops?)

Question asked by left4dead666 on Aug 12, 2015

Hi there


i have an ATi Radeon HD 5570 1GB and believe it or not i can even play dying light on it on medium settings i dont know how cause my card is not overclocked!

but i have something with the Fan if i start gaming it keeps quiet after 10minutes the fan speeds towards 70% and my temperature increases towards 90 tot 92 degrees celcius its not normal i think! so i Opened the Amd Catalyst Center > AMD Overdrive and i speed it up manually to 83% than my temperature keeps nice 80 tot 85 degrees its still high but its better than 90!. But i game like in my day off like 6 to 7hours non stop! and the fan keeps running on 83% is this dangerous for the fan? like is it going to break??


and my last final question i play Dead Island Riptide cause i just like slaughtering those freaks!! but i got a frame rate of 40 to 45 really nice but sometimes or constantly it drops from 45 tot 30 LOL what the hell!

how can i fix this i even tried low settings and it dropes like hell! so i put it on Ultra settings and the frames almost keep the same but it keeps dropping how can i fix the Fps Drops?


Greetings Ricardo