Update to Windows 10 - HP Pavilion dv6

Discussion created by amarshall317 on Aug 11, 2015
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Hello computer people of the internet.


I need some help and do not know enough about computers, or have the time, to find the solution (if there is one) by myself. That being said I am probably a 9/10 in terms of technology and computer competence on a much larger, global scale (which includes sub-100 IQs and old people). I know basic things, grew up with a computer, can type commands into console if I am given them, you know, things monkeys could do.


Anyway I recently was forced by my much smarter electrical engineer at Apple brother to update to Windows 10. I found a back door to download it directly from the Windows website as it appeared to not be in full release yet. Everything appears to have gone okay, however I have noticed some issues. Something is screwed up with the graphics card DRIVERS, and I don't know what. Well I know they are missing. I just need to really know if I can upgrade them even on my older machine.


I mainly notice the issue with the machine recognizing external monitors, both VGA and HDMI, and how it has slowed down my frame rate tremendously when playing games on steam (mainly playing team fortress 2, a moderately stressful game on system RAM). I understand my machine is under powered only having 4 gigs and a crap graphics card, but this WORKED on windows 7. I was able to locate this from my system.



The error I get when the machine boots up. Pretty sure this is an HP Pavilion dv6 laptop. No idea on the year, it was my brothers.



I also have this, not sure if this helps. The AMD 5000 Series is something I believe I downloaded and tried to install. I found it relating to this series of laptops to have appeared to help in Windows 8, doesn't appear to have worked.


Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated.




Have not thought of a cool online name yet.