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Unable to install AMD driver on Windows 10 (system freezes)

Question asked by solon on Aug 12, 2015
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I have a Samsung laptop, originally with Windows 8. About 1.5 weeks ago I upgraded to Windows 10 and it was working rather smoothly for about a week.
Then I started receiving 'thread stuck in device driver' stop errors (with AMD display driver) that finally led me to resetting the system.

Now, I cannot install AMD display driver at all. Whenever I try this, the computer freezes, neither mouse nor keyboard are responsive (waited for over 30 minutes). In addition, it seems that the AMD graphics card is running at maximum level at that time as the laptop gets very hot (over safety limits). I have to force shut down and restart. Obviously, the device is not working, as drivers failed to install.


I made a clean system install, used different driver packages (15.7.1 with hotfix, 15.6 beta, 14.12 omega, drivers from Microsoft) to no effect.

Obviously, I cleaned the system with Display Driver Uninstaller before each attempt. I also tried suggested solution with Driver Fusion and CCleaner, but this did not change the results. I also attempted to install drivers manually through device manager, with no effect.


At the moment, I had to disable both AMD graphics card and windows update service, as leaving it on leads to a loop update-freeze-restart-update.

I attach a DxDiag report. It does not show the AMD graphics card as it is not in use at that time.


The laptop model is NP880Z5E
System: Windows 10 Home
Processor: Intel Core i7-3635QM with built-in Intel HD Graphics 4000 ( driver provided by Samsung)
Dedicated Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 8870M with 2GB memory (with recent drivers it was often displayed as AMD Radeon R9 M200X Series)


Thanks in advance for your answers.