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    constant crashes due to display driver timeout


      Hi everybody,

      I recently upgraded my pc with new mobo (Asrock Fatal1ty b85 killer) and cpu (i5 4600). Since I already bought a new gpu a while back I stuck that in (amd r9 270x). It worked fine on my old build but now I got multiple (probably related) problems.

      * First, if I boot the pc "cold" (first few boots of the day), I get no signal to monitor. Boot sounds and windows sounds let me know the pc does boot. Rebooting 20 times or so solves the problem, letting me move on to the main issue.

      * I have constant freezes/reboots with BSOD stating "attempt to reset display driver and recover from time-out failed".

      The problem occurs some time directly after boot (varying from a few seconds to 2 min). The best solution so far has been to try and immediately start a graphics heavy game, as long as I keep the GPU working there seems to be no problem and I can do whatever for hours. In order to get to the point that I have enough time to do that, I've already experienced another 20 freezes/reboots. 


      Attached are a log file from gpu-z from just before a crash and the BSOD I constantly get.


      So far I tried the following:

      - Deleted en reinstalled drivers (newest drivers and multiple old versions, using driver cleaning software beforehand). Without drivers installed there seems to be no problem.

      - Upping the recovery time in the register to 8, and later 12 seconds.

      - Fresh windows installation (Win 7 ultimate, two times already).

      - Switched pci-e slots (pc would not power on, let alone boot).

      - Switched ram slots (no difference, as expected to be honest).

      - Switched PSU cable and slot for GPU, problem remains.

      - Temperatures cannot be a problem since it happens just after boot, fans are spinning, gpu-z shows temps of 29 c. I suspect that it might have to do with low load/temperature since I constantly go from no image to lots of reboots to working properly under load.

      - Became desperate and banged my head on the most convenient nearby wall while cursing the gods of desktop pc'ing for good measure.


      Non of the above have unfortunately helped. Could locking the GPU on higher activity be a solution, and if so, how could it be achieved? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.