ATI Radeon HD5450 Windows 10 compatibility

Discussion created by philc on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2015 by kingfish

Like many, I just upgraded to Windows 10 (previously ran Win Vista Ultimate). No issues with display properties before, but since upgrading Windows does not recognize my GPU. I downloaded and successfully installed CCC this morning, but my system does not recognize it. I can see the AMD folder on my HDD.


I checked the list of Windows 10 supported graphics products listed here - Windows® 10 Driver Support for Discrete AMD Radeon™ Graphics Products but there is no specific mention of the ATI 5000 series.



My question, is it or is it not, Windows 10 supported? If yes, why did CCC fail to work? I'm a non-gamer, just want to restore full resolution (currently limited to 1450 x 1000) on my ViewSonic VX 2250.


Appreciate any assistance.