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FX 8320 is overheating

Question asked by kressnik on Aug 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2015 by moonstar

I have FX 8320 Black Edition and it is hot as hell. When idle it is 30-50 C, and during load it goes full 60 (and above) with cooler going full speed which is making me insane, since it is really loud. Today I replace thermopaste but nothing changed, temps are the same. It is pretty hot outside, so this might influence a bit, but it i just that — a bit. My motherboard, if that helps, is GA-970A-DS3P from gigabyte. Also I installed AMD Overdrive just now, and it shows that temp margin is 30-40 while temp is nearly 40 (according to speedfan, HWMonitor, and other programs) how can this be when max temperature for FX 8320 is 62? Please help.