6 Monitor eyefinity issue

Discussion created by tdale on Aug 11, 2015



I recently decided to do the 6 monitor setup with my R9 270.


I got all the monitors to show up in the amd control panel. This is not my issue.


The way i have the monitors setup is like this:


2 4 6

1 3 5


Monitors 2,4,6 are mounted UPSIDE DOWN. I did this for a few reasons, smaller bezel and the monitor buttons are on the bottom of the screen.


In desktop mode i can flip the landscape without issues, but when i try to do a 3x2 eyefinity span it reflips my top 3 monitors so they display the rightside up way inside of right side down. It doesnt matter if i set the monitors to flipped or normal before setting eyefinity it still flips them back into a normal layout.


Someone somewhere has to know the answer to this. Once i have the eyefinity on the flip landscape option is gone.


I have attached a photo so you can see what it looks like and see what im talking about.


Thank you for all the help in advance!


P.s the monitor software does not have any flipped option in the menu, this must be done software based on my pc running windows 7.