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    Can´t Record With My AMD Graphic Card in Switchable Graphic Cards


      Hello guys, I need some help one this topic:


      My laptop is:

      HP Pavilion g6 1307-ep

      Windows 10 64bit build 10240

           Intel Core i5 2450M 2.5Ghz


      Graphic Card:

      Intel HD Graphics 3000 (the iGPU)

      AMD Radeon HD 7400M (the dGPU)


      I can use the switchable system in games, but when i want to record a game, i cant, even if i put both on High Perfomance, only the game, or only the record program. And so, it put me to record with the Intel Graphic Card (the Power Saver)  


      When i try use the XSplit Program, he say "Duo to limitations on AMD Graphic Card, we cant use the AMD driver. Change the program to Power Saver"


      What is this limitation??? Why my AMD graphic Card have that limitation??


      Thanks for help


      P.S:This happens on all systems, with all graphic cards updated