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Problem with 15.7.1 and Windows 7

Question asked by lukasorion on Aug 11, 2015
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I've got two Radeon 5770 cards that pretty much worked OK so far, with no major issues. I had 15.7 Catalyst driver before everything hit the fan. However...


Recently installed catalyst 15.7.1 driver (specifically: amd-catalyst-15.7.1-with-dotnet45-win7-64bit). Which of course turned out to be a grave error on my part. Had I known as to what is going to happen I would have just left it alone, but it's those damn Raptor bubbles that had me lured in. Immediately it resulted in two unwanted side effects:


a) Instead of four monitors, I now have only two monitors available. In the past, during previous driver updates such as these, it meant that Crossfire option was checked in Control Centre, and a simple unchecking of that option would have solved that issue. Which brings us to another issue...


b) Where is the Catalyst Control Centre? It use to be in the context menu, or definitely somewhere where you can eventually get to it. It seems to be missing.


Where is Catalyst.JPG


If I could get to the Catalyst Control Centre, I probably wouldn't have to spend time chasing info on the internet.So it's the chicken and the egg issue.


c) Lastly, all audio has stopped playing on HDMI.


And that is true even when I went back to 15.7 driver that worked fine, all of a sudden there is no sound coming out, even though the HDMI icon is showing that it should be playing.