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Question asked by xuxiaojunjun on Aug 10, 2015

New Runescape player-suggested Game Mode. Don't look down upon these ideas, they are creative, they know what you need in the RS Gold gameplay. Well, you will understand after you see this.With the Eastern Lands fully accessible again for people, the gods cannot resist to claim a new land that had not seen gods for year.


With little lands in their hands already, their aims are higher for the tougher continents, and so they require adventurers, mercenaries if you call them so, to claim their land.Crusade is a minigame that is all about the Eastern Lands. Together in a group of 6 people, you are brought to an island where you need to defend your base camp against native warriors. Side with any god of your choice, or side with the Godless to cleanse the land of godly influences, the choice is purely optional and serves no competitive purpose.

Crusade is devided into several missions, each having three to five Objectives. Each objective has their own set of waves, and the units in the waves. Next to combat can you also use skilling to help your team defend your point, such as barricades, dwarven cannons, traps, poison mines, etc.When you attempt to do a mission, you have two first two choices you want to make: Party, or Conquer.

Party mode is self-explanatory; you participate just for the gigs and will be rewarded a small xp lamp, 2 resource vouchers and 1 Wooden Chest. Conquer mode is the real deal, where the big rewards await.In order to access Conquer mode, you need to have a Voyage Ticket. Those tickets can be obtained through skilling, PvM, treasure trails, and a PoP voyage random reward. The tickets can also be traded with other people. Conquer mode can be participated together with Party mode people, to ease out matchmaking with other people.

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