Dual workstation/gaming card how to set primary card for CAD programs?

Discussion created by edisto on Aug 10, 2015

I recently purchased the R9 Fury X and Firepro w8100. In blender I have the option to use both cards as Hawaii + Fiji, or Hawaii and Fiji solo. However in Photoshop CS 5, maya 2016, mudbox 2016, and 3D-coat 4.5 they do not have the option to set the primary card to be used. By default my photoshop CS5 uses my R9 Fury X without an option to be changed to my Firepro.  I've looked for an option like in Nvidia's control panel where you can set a primary card but I can't find one in Catalyst. How would I go about setting my Firepro as primary when only 1 card can be used?