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Help me build a new PC!

Question asked by erin.maiorino Employee on Aug 10, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by 1337cammy

Red Team, I need your help! I’ve been working on a gaming laptop for some time now and feel I’m due for a major red overhaul. I’m returning to my roots and want to build a new PC! It’s been a while since I’ve built one, so I could use your suggestions on what hardware to purchase. Not only does this machine need to be a mean AMD gaming machine, it also needs to be a workstation for creating beautiful, super high poly source files for game and cinematic assets. Oh about budget, I’m planning to keep it under $1000 (excluding a monitor), but have some flexibility on this front.


Here is a general idea of what I am looking for:


  • CPU: Needs to handle rendering, physics simulation and animation programs, and the latest and greatest games to hit the market! (I’m planning to play Star Wars Battlefront)
  • GPU: I want to CrossFire a couple of GPUs for rendering and texture management programs. Also, when I play Star Wars Battlefront, I want to believe that I am on Jakku.
  • RAM: Keep in mind my rendering needs; what do you recommend? (16, 32 or 64GB)?
  • Motherboard: Totally open to your suggestions here!
  • Hard drive: I’m thinking about a 480GB SSD for OS, gaming and apps, and a 1 or 2T HDD for storage. Thoughts?
  • PSU – Something greater than a 750w unit should do the trick, but I’m not too sure about Bronze, Silver and Gold Certification?
  • CASE – I’m leaning toward a mid-tower case
  • LED lights to make my box feel like I’m at a Def Leppard concert


Thank you in advance for your suggestions! I probably won’t be able to build the exact PC you recommend me (unless I win the lottery soon), but will do my best! I’m trusting you not to steer me wrong…no pressure…